Elisa Storelli

Time Piece (beginning), aluminium, plexiglas, electronic and mechanical components (2015). Three time systems together; all share the same division of the day in 24 hours of equal length. The sculpture displays Babylonian, local and Italian time and blinks each system in alteration every 100 milliseconds. The Babylonian time system has its day starting at sunrise, and it is blinked yellow. Local time, in our well known UTC system, is white, and its day starts at midnight. Ultimately, the Italian time system starts at sunset and is shown in red. This stroboscopic clock blinks quickly the contrast of micro and macro time concepts, joking with the arbitrariness of the day’s beginning.


Time Piece (the mysterious island), light, steel, electronic and mechanical components (2016). This piece is part of a collection of works along with Time Piece (UTC -10h), the publication 35°60’S, 150°38’ W and Dial (the mysterious island). The works relocate the passing of time on Ernest-Legouvé Reef, that was discovered in the beginning of the 20th century, near the location of the fictitious Lincoln island of Jules Verne’s book The Mysterious Island. Ever since the reef is reported in many atlases, even though it doesn’t appear to exist anymore. Time Piece (the mysterious island) is a night sundial showing time with a beam of light. This beam represents the shadow that a vertical sundial would produce on the island. Light becomes in this way the shadow of a neverland.


Reality Glitch, in collaboration with Constantin Engelmann, windsocks, aluminium, electronic and mechanical component (2016). Reality Glitch is a public installation composed of two windsock, one is the official white and red wind signal, the other is white and grey. The classical red flag shows the wind direction, the grey one instead points against the wind, messing up with the viewers visual perception.


What is time?, generative sound installation (2017). A series of questions about one of the most common noun used in the english language. Time is something we all know and a word we use constantly, but even though the phenomenon has a name, defining it is a different matter. The work deals with the variety of meanings, projections and speculations relating to time by asking questions about it ad absurdum. The interrogation itself becomes a paraphrase of this complex concept.


atomistic, Time Piece (seconds), in collaboration with Constantin Engelmann, aluminium, led lights and electronic components, neocortex, sound composition, duration approx 45 min (2017). What is continuity? According to the ancient Arabic theory of atomism, reality consists of unimaginably small indivisible particles, “tars” (atoms). Those exist only for a single instant until the next instant begins: then, the entire universe is remade with a new set of atoms. We know that simultaneousness is imaginary: sound waves and light waves have different lengths, and yet we hear and see things the same instant, because our brain synchronises them. It is therefore possible to speculate that continuity might also be a mental construct, evolved for the sake of understanding reality. If that is the case, time might actually be slippery. The instants not connected to one another anymore would be eager to slip away and mix. Atomistic is a staged experience, a dialogue between two artworks: Time Piece (seconds) and Neocortex. Both works deal with ideas about the perception of time continuity and its division into smaller parts. Each of them, however, engages another of our senses. One is a polyrhythmic arrangement of pulsating lights, an impression-evoking visual work; the other is a slow-motion noise composition, an auditory experience. The first is one about continuous oscillation, the latter is a narration developing in time, with clear beginning and end. It is by combining the two in space that a multi-sensual experience is triggered. The two artworks influence and complement one another: one is eternal, the other represents an event. Thanks to the development of the sound narration it is possible to peer at Time Piece (seconds) for a longer time. The auditory stimuli from Neocortex mislead our visual reception: sometimes the lights seem to pulsate differently. Atomistic plays with our perception, associating the polyvalence of our understanding of time, event and process; of single instant and continuity; of the past, the present, and future. This staged experience challenges the general idea of continuity by triggering the subjectivity of our time perception.


Elisa Storelli / elisastorelli.ch


2014 Meisterschüler, UdK Berlin
2013 Diplom, UdK Berlin
2008 Année propédeutique, Écal Lausanne
1986 born in Brissago, Switzerland

Exhibitions, festivals, performances

2017 MY ART GOES BOOM, Villa Dutoit, Genève (CH) (D)
2017 atomistic, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw (PL)
2017 Time Piece (beginnings), https://www.daydreamers.biz/
2017 Festival of Futures Now, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin (D)
2016 (ulti)mate Event, Diskurs, Berlin (D)
2016 Grand Tour – Le acque dell’ovest, Verbania – Locarno (I/CH)
2016 More Than Half, La rada, Locarno (CH)/
2016 Ieri ricordato domani, Max Museo, Chiasso (CH)
2015 Time piece (additive synthesis bell), Motto, Berlin (D)
2015 Time piece (bell), Atina (I)
2015 Notes for a travelogue – acceleration expected crash, – spinning, fused-muses.com
2015 Future Now, SomoS – Berlin Art House, Berlin (D)
2014 Trillenium, Kim bar, Berlin (D)
2014 Meisterschüler Ausstellung, UdK Berlin (D)
2014 Oblivium, Zweigstelle, Berlin (D)
2014 Zona dynamic, month of performance art, Berlin (D)
2013 >Addicted2random, Händel Haus, Halle Saale (D)
2013 The Ways Things May Go, Club Transmediale – Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (D)
2013 The Ways Things May Go, EMAF, Osnabruck (A)
2013 >1000Hertz, SomoS, Berlin (D)
2012 The Ways Things May Go, ARS ELECTRONICA, Linz (A)
2012 Filme der UdK zum doppelten Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (D)
2012 The society for non trivial pursuits, Feed soundspace, Berlin (D)
2012 Filmbühne: Neue Arbeiten aus der UdK, Volksbühne Berlin (D)


35°60’S, 150°38’ W, Mottobooks and La Rada (2016)
System Sin1.0, Mottobooks (2015)


A-I-R Laboratory Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw (PL) (2017)
Atina art residence, Atina (I) (2015)